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This moving book features stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of Frida's life... MORE

Cuánto Mamá te Quiere
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With lilting lullaby text and lovely illustrations, the New Books for Newborns stories are the perfect first books for new parents to share with their little ones right from... MORE

Manta de Amor
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Con textos de rítmicas canciones de cuna e ilustraciones encantadoras, los cuentos de la colección Libros nuevos para recién nacidos son los primeros libros perfectos para... MORE

Quiréme con Ternura
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Tomando como punto de partida la letra oficial de la conocida canción de Elvis Presley, este precioso y tierno álbum ilustrado es una oda al lazo de amor que... MORE

Play Shapes/Formas de Jugar
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This unique board and puzzle book makes learning shapes fun—in two languages! Every shape is shown within a familiar object—a roof, a ladybug, or boxes on a truck. With... MORE

My Colors/Mis Colores
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The vibrant colors and large text in this enchanting collection of bilingual board books make learning easy and fun. Boldly colored construction paper cutouts on stark white... MORE