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Chabelita's Heart: El corazón de Chabelita

Chabelita's Heart: El corazón de Chabelita

Chabelita's hopes come true when Jimena, the new student whose eyes sparkle like stars, sits next to her. The more they learn about each other, the more they like each other, and the more time they spend together. When Chabelita shares her special bow tie with Jimena on picture day, everybody will know they like each other.
With the support of family and the reflection of important role models, Chabelita's Heart shows two kids as they grow into themselves and understand that "girls can like girls." Experiences of immigration/deportation, indigenous eco-activism, Mexican LGBTQ activism, as well as Mexican and Honduran culture serve as the backdrop highlighting the intersectionality of LGBTQ people.
Isabel Millán
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