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Corrido de amor y gloria

Corrido de amor y gloria

A forgotten war. An unforgettable romance.
The year is 1846. After the controversial annexation of Texas, the US Army marches south to provoke war with
México over the disputed Río Grande boundary.?
Ximena Salomé is a gifted Mexican healer who dreams of building a family with the man she loves on the
coveted land she calls home. But when Texas Rangers storm her ranch and shoot her husband dead, her
dreams are burned to ashes. Vowing to honor her husband’s memory and defend her country, Ximena uses her
healing skills as an army nurse on the frontlines of the ravaging war.
Meanwhile, John Riley, an Irish immigrant in the Yankee army desperate to help his family escape the famine
devastating his homeland, is sickened by the unjust war and the unspeakable atrocities against his countrymen
by nativist officers. In a bold act of defiance, he swims across the Río Grande and joins the Mexican Army—a
desertion punishable by execution. He forms the St. Patrick’s Battalion, a band of Irish soldiers willing to fight
to the death for México’s freedom.
When Ximena and John meet, a dangerous attraction blooms between them. As the war intensifies, so does
their passion. Swept up by forces with the power to change history, they fight not only for the fate of a nation
but for their future together.
Heartbreaking and lyrical, Reyna Grande’s spellbinding saga, inspired by true events and historical figures,
brings these two unforgettable characters to life and illuminates a largely forgotten moment in history that
impacts the US-México border to this day.
Will Ximena and John survive the chaos of this bitter war, or will their love be devoured along with the land they
strive to defend?
Reyna Grande
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$14.39Sale Price
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