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Jasmín Pictures Home / Jasmín ilustra su hogar

Jasmín Pictures Home / Jasmín ilustra su hogar

In Jasmín Pictures Home, immigrant youth authors Andy, Marisol, Pedro, and Yunior wanted to write a book that explores what it’s like to be different in a new country. In this book, a group of friends are the only kids in their school who are not from the City of Caves. These four best friends are all immigrants --from four different countries!--and they all speak Spanish. Though they bond over their shared language and their shared love of soccer, it’s not always easy being different from everyone else. The newest arrival, Jasmin, is having the hardest time and she spends all her time drawing. Hector, Manolito, and Jorge don’t like seeing Jasmin struggle. Can they work together to help Jasmin see the beauty in being different?
Andy Pina
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