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Lunelio's Epic Journey

Lunelio's Epic Journey

I had just turned five when from under my bed, a demon attacked me as I slept. It has been seven years since the creature not only branded me like a sheep to the slaughter, but also left me a mark that made me look like a freak. Now it’s back. With my father gone missing and assumed dead, the surprising death of my abuelita, an ogre sized bully thirsty to pounce me into kid cookie dough, the girl of my dreams breaking my heart, and a mysterious key inside a dead dog; do I even have a chance of surviving this time? I beg you not to join me on this journey. I’ve already endangered my crazy crew and nerdy cousin. TRUST ME, the only guarantee I can offer is nightmares for the rest of your life! Still here?? I WARNED YOU. Make sure to bring bravery, prayers, and several extra pairs of undies. Oh, before you open this book, tell your parents you love them. Just in case . . .
Luis Rodriguez
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