My First Kwanzaa
  • My First Kwanzaa

    A simple way to get acquainted with Kwanzaa

    "Hooray! Hooray!

    It's time to get ready for Kwanzaa."


    During the seven days of Kwanzaa we celebrate the importance of family, friends, and community. This warm and lively introduction to a very special holiday will help even the youngest children join in!

    Author and illustrator Karen Katz kicks off a wonderful new series of picture books for the very young with My First Kwanzaa. The series will offer a simple and fun way to get familiar with the traditions of holiday celebrations from different cultures.

    These titles are excess inventory from publishers that are discreetly marked with a small dot or line on the edge of the pages and, while most are in great condition, some books may exhibit minor cosmetic wear and tear. 

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