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Seasonal Surprise Box - Winter
  • Seasonal Surprise Box - Winter

    Introducing our NEW season surprise box! Keep your bookshelf fresh with a surprise book picked just for the season. Each box contains:


    *One hardcover book for ages 4-8*

    *One sticker & activity sheet*

    *Family discussion guide*


    Your surprise title will:

    *Be bilingual or Spanish*

    *Be culturally relevant*

    *Be inclusive*

    *Be screened by educators*

    *Feature diverse characters*


    Our 2024 Winter Theme: 

    "I can make a difference!"/"Yo puedo hacer una diferencia!"


    This winter we will read with children and help them realize all the ways they can make a difference in our communities.   Our children are leaders!


    Order by February 7th. Boxes ship February 9th.

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